2009 Yamaha Vmax

Pictures - courtesy of GadgetGuy, Silver Spring, MD


This installation of Zumo 550 is accomplished with combination of following bracket tree components:

  1. ''Kit II anodized black with M8 x 70mm mounting screws", P# ABK02005-0101 at: http://gpsforless.stores.yahoo.net/unbrackitii.html
  2. "Extension Joint for "Base Plate II anodized black)", P# AEJ00002-0101 at: http://gpsforless.stores.yahoo.net/exjoasforbap.html
  3. "Base Plate II anodized black" P# ABP00002-0101 at: http://gpsforless.stores.yahoo.net/baseplatei.html

Zumo power cable is shortened and soldered to the headlight marker light harness.