Harley Davidson Road King

Pictures - courtesy of John Koncsol, Livonia, MI

For installation on Road King, Bracket Kit II includes 1.5" long spacers and 5/16-18x3.25" mounting bolts. Installation process requires drilling two holes in chrome-plated cover in order to access the bolts in handlebar clamps. Holes are oversized in order to fit in the rubber grommets that fill the gap between the edges of the holes and the spacers as well as hiding possible misalignment between the centers of the holes and centers of the boltholes in handlebar clamps. Making holes does not require removal of the chrome-plated cover from the bike, but it does require some metal working skills. At this time the rubber grommets are not included in the kit. There fore the diameter of the holes in chrome plated cover is defined by the size of rubber grommets available to the installer. Usually automotive stores like Pep Boys carry good selection of grommets.