2009 BMW K1300GT

Pictures - courtesy of Sergey Ton, Brooklyn, NY

Installation of Zumo 660 on K1300GT is done using combination of following bracket tree complenents:

  1. Kit III modified for K1200GT 2006 and later, P# ABK03050-0101
  2. Base Plate II, P# ABP00002-0101
  3. BMW "Repair Connector-3 P", P# 83300413585

Connecting power to GPS is very simple with BMW "Repair Connector-3 P"; P# 83300413585. It is available from BMW dealers. Picture below shows this connector (white) pligged in to existing connector (black). The wires from "Repair Connector-3 P" are soldered to Garmin power cable (coiled on top of battery).