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Knife and Tool Sharpening System

This is a unique system I designed and built for a sharpening project, which required unusually high level of precision, achieved only on very expensive CNC machines, but without use of CNC and at the cost of dinner & movie date and some pocket change. The adjustable angle jaws built around pair of vise-grips reliably hold the blade, while 3 chain drives and 14 precision ball bearings allow very smooth motion in all 3 dimensions, while maintaining the selected sharpening angle with unsurpassed precision throughout straight and curved sections of the blade and especially at the tip of the blade. There is no need for years of free hand sharpening experience. All you need is this system and your choice of sharpening stones or sand papers of various grits. Unlike any other systems this one completely takes over the control of the sharpening angle regardless of shape and length of the blade, so you can focus on watching where and how much of the material to remove, while removing absolute minimum necessary amount of material. This system is not only about making a razor sharp edge. It is about making ABSOLUTELY PERFECT razor sharp edge. It is also the only system, which mimics the human hand in sharpening motion with precision of RoboCop. Working on concave shaped edges, gut hooks or serrated blades is a matter of switching to convexed or pencil type sharpening stones. Jaws holding the blade may be custom shaped to hold unusually shaped blades.



Gadget Guy Knife Sharpening System

Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpening System