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I have to admit, that in all the years of making mounting brackets for motorcycles, I was focusing on street motorcycles. It's quite obvious that off road riding conditions require a bit more than a solid bracket tree connecting a GPS to a motorcycle. On the contrary, the bracket tree must be flexible in order to protect the GPS, while the rider is working on squaring the rims.
I am constantly receiving inquiries about off road applications. But so far I could not satisfy those inquiries.

Not any more!

I am proud to introduce a prototype of an Extreme Off road GPS Mount designed by my friend - a talented mechanical designer and extreme off road adventure aficionado Michael - (a.k.a. "Airborne"). His kit is designed to withstand extreme off road riding conditions.

If your tires spend just as much time in the air as on the dirt, if bent rims are not a novelty to you, if you routinely clock 75+ MPH on wash boards, then this bracket is for you!

The mount employs an industrial "cable isolators," which are designed to absorb shock and vibration that cause failures in GPS and other electronic devices.

Cable Isolators are made of aircraft quality stainless steel cable, wound into metal retaining bars. They absorb vibration through a wide frequency spectrum. The isolators are essentially insensitive to position: they operate well in any altitude; in compression, extension, shear and roll, and provide protection in all axes simultaneously. All metal construction, environmentally stable, unaffected by temperature and ozone.

The "cable isolator" provides a significantly larger range of motion compared to conventional rubber bushing type isolators. The simplicity of the design ensures unsurpassed functional reliability to your electronics.

This mount fits a BMW R1200GS between handlebar clamps with handlebar risers.

To find more information about this mount contact Michael directly. His e-mail:

Ride safe, have fun and never get lost unless you really want to!

Genna (GadgetGuy)