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Base Plate II

Gadget Guy Base Plate II

Gadget Guy Base Plate II

Gadget Guy Base Plate II

Base Plate II will work with following GPS mounts:

Street Pilot III/SP III Deluxe:
Garmin P# 010-10304-00 (comes with GPS unit)

GPSMAP 176/176c, 196, 276c, 376c, 378, 478 and other models compatible with:
Garmin P# 010-10257-00 or 010-10511-00(comes with GPS unit).

Street Pilot 26xx/27xx28xx series:
Garmin P# 010 10495-00 (purchased separately)

Quest, Quest2:
Garmin P# 010-10610-00 (purchased separately)

Garmin Zumo 220:
Garmin P# 010-11143-07 (comes with GPS unit)

Garmin Zumo 550:
Garmin P# 010-10859-00 (comes with GPS unit)

Garmin Zumo 590LM/595LM:
Garmin P# 010-12110-00 (comes with GPS unit)

Garmin Zumo 660LM/665LM
Garmin P# 010-11270-03 (comes with GPS unit)

Garmin Montana 600/600t/610/610t/650/650t/680/680t:
Garmin P# 010-11654-01

Garmin Monterra:
Garmin P# 010-11654-01

RAM cradles:
RAM Cradle with 1.9" (48mm) horizontal or vertical screw hole pattern (purchased directly from RAM)


“Base Plate II” is made to clamp on 1/2” diameter Crossbar of GadgetGuy bracket kits. It can also be installed on the crossbar of enduro and off road motorcycle handlebars via two clamps. Different motorcycles have different diameter crossbars. There fore the difference in diameters should be compensated with shims (GadgetGuy P# AMI0015SSS).