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Bracket Kit V

Bracket Kit V is designed for installation on BMW R1100RT. Top crossbar accommodates installation of "Base Plate I" (Page 9), Base Plate II" (Page 10) or "Housing for 26xx" (Page 11). It positions GPS, XM radio or radar detector above the dashboard, so, when you take your eyes off the road to read the display of your gadget, the road in front remains in your close peripheral vision. Placed above the dashboard gadgets will not interfere with the "flip up" tank bag, so favored by many RT riders.

Installation of the bracket takes only couple of minutes. It clamps directly on the tubular sub frame located in front and below the ignition lock.

Some one may have expected the kit for R1100RT to be a modification of Kit IV for R1150RT. My attempts to adapt the Kit IV on R1100RT failed because of the difference of supporting structure under the fairing. I had to find more sturdy mounting points for the bracket which led me to designing completely different bracket.