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My name is Genna. I made this page for people who love riding motorcycles in comfort and in style. Having the confidence of knowing where you are on the road at any given time and being able to navigate through unknown territory is what adventure cycling is all about.
GPS (Global Positioning System) is the way to go, my friends. There are lots of them in the market. My personal preference is the GARMIN motorcycle worthy GPS units Zumo.

Here's where I come in. GPS mounting hardware (a.k.a. GPS Mount) for motorcycles are in very limited selections. I was looking for a long time for a product that would meet my finicky taste. So, in December of 2001, I decided to make my own mounting bracket.
As new models of motorcycles, GPS units, radar detectors, XM radios and other toys being made, I constantly work on modifying my brackets or making completely new ones.

In the Catalog you will find description of my bracket tree components. In Pictures you will find photographs of various bracket tree combinations installed on different motorcycles. Need help with selecting a GPS for your motorcycle or look up a particular Mix-And-Match combination for installation of particular gadget on particular motorcycle make and model? Please try my FAQ page, or e-mail me your questions and I will help you with selecting a specific bracket tree combination. Purchase page will direct you to my Yahoo Store "GPS for Less", where I sell my bracket tree components along with Garmin products.

And now there is a new thing, which I invented in 2014. It is a Knife Sharpening System. Please check it out in Catalog page 16!


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